Making a difference

So after just over 10 years of continuous fundraising Menkes Foundation UK has recently been in the position to be able to donate £75,000.00 to support the ongoing research in America. Attached is a letter that outlines how the money will be utilised.

Download Letter

We would like to take this opportunity to thank every single person that has supported Menkes Foundation UK over the years on our journey. The foundation over this period has had the opportunity to meet some amazing families and have been able to support them with things to help everyday life like specialised equipment such as car seats, sensory equipment, home renovations and holidays. We have supported families financially with contributions towards other expenses such as funerals and family counselling. There really has been a wide spectrum of support that we have been able to gift.

With the fundraising to date whilst there are far too many individuals to mention a massive thank you to all of our friends and family that have continually taken part in / organised / sponsored the numerous events we have hosted! Thank you to all of the families in the UK and their friends, families and work colleagues that have organised events and raised valuable funds towards our total! Thank you to the amazing Team Tommy – without your unwavering and spontaneous support we would not be at this total today! Thank you, Thank you and Thank you again to everyone that has supported us. We are making all of our little soldiers with Menkes proud – of this I am sure.

I can’t let this moment pass without giving the biggest shout out to my big boy in heaven – Ollie you are the inspiration behind Menkes Foundation UK being founded and will always be the driving force. Our inspiration and determination. We love you & miss you always.

Now it is back to the drawing board and we are hoping to arrange a few fundraising events the year to raise more valuable funds. If you would like to get involved and join us that would be amazing. Alternatively, you may fancy organising your own event to raise awareness and support the fundraising. Whatever you would like to do let us know and we will support you as much as we can! All the work that we do with the charity is on a voluntary basis alongside our full-time jobs and families. Your support is very much welcomed in any capacity!

Please get in touch!